randy spangler hit by lightning

randy spangler hit by lightning

There have been some great stories to come out of Red Bull Rampage in the past 15 years. Some of the greatest in the history of mountain biking.

The likes of Cedric Gracia, Josh Bender and Wade Simmons made waves in the early 2000s. Kyle Strait and Brandon Semenuk went on to become legendary names shortly after. Cam Zink nailed that 360 off the Icon Sender in 2010, and then blew minds with the biggest backflip ever made on a mountain bike in 2013, a record he would then go on to break himself.

Those are just some of the best moments from Red Bull Rampage; the ones you all know and love; that you’ve heard before and probably watched unfold at the time. But here’s an awesome Rampage story from Randy Spangler that there’s a good chance you’ve never come across.

Red Bull created the animation below, in the style of the vid that shows BMX icon Mat Hoffman drilling through his own knee without anaesthetic, to tell the story of the time Randy got hit by lightning while building for Rampage. Watch and enjoy. It’s one hell of a story:

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