tahnee seagrave winter

tahnee seagrave winter

Halloween has gone now. Even the Halloween hangovers are wearing off. All of which means that it’s now officially “that time of year again" – the costumes go in the bin, the Christmas jumpers slowly start to surface again, and the bikes go... back in the garage? Maybe not.

The days may be shorter, the air might be colder and the trails might be muddier than the rest of the year, but there are plenty of reasons why winter mountain biking is great in its own right.

That trail that you’ve been mastering all summer long? Suddenly it’s looking like a whole nother challenge. That blue sky in the back of your photograph? Now it’s a sunset. And what’s with the lack of puddles during summer anyway? That’s no fun.

If you’re really having trouble coming to terms with the end of the summer though, you need look no further. Here’s Fox rider Tahnee Seagrave in Surrey, England to show you that maybe the end of the year isn’t so bad after all. It’s time to get hyped for winter riding!

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