What to do hobbits do when they're not hanging out in their hobbit holes in the Shire? Yep that's right, they grab a downhill bike and go shredding!

OK so it's not actually a hobbit, it's Kiwi mountain bike pro Kelly McGarry, but hey let's not split hairs.

One major advantage Kelly does have over the hobbits of course is that if he wants to get somewhere (like say, Mordor) he doesn't have to faff around with all that long and painful walking malarkey. He can just jump in a helicopter.

How much quicker would the movies have been if the real Frodo and Sam had taken a leaf out of his book? The orcs would've had a hard time catching them if they rode as well as he does too.

But then again, "one chain ring to rule them all" doesn't have quite the same mythical err... ring to it, does it?

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