cam mccaul manning park resort break 1

“On Monday, January 18th, an anonymous caller phoned in a tip to the Chilliwack Police reporting that mountain bike athletes Casey Brown, Cam McCaul, and five accomplices who currently remain unnamed are under investigation after breaking into Manning Park Resort just outside of Hope, BC," write Anthill Films.

Well, those five accomplices happened to be Bas Van Steenbergen, Lucas Shubin, Peter Matthews, Fraser Newton and Matt Butterworth. What were they doing at Manning Park? Well, getting their shred on of course.

cam mccaul manning park resort break 2

They say there are no friends on a powder day, but when you’re going to be commandeering an entire resort for your own personal use, and breaking numerous laws in the process, we can see why Casey and Cam decided to bring a few pals along.

Anthill continue: “The investigation is currently ongoing and we will keep you updated with information as this story develops. In the meantime, the following video footage and photos have surfaced:"