Mountain biking progression these days often means that bigger is better. Is it all getting a bit much though? The constant changes? The endless updates to your bike that mean you have to bring out the wallet every other day? Some think so.

If it keeps going the way it is, then the aptly-named people at ‘Ridiculous Bikes’ believe this may be the bike of the future. Obviously it’s a parody, as you can see from the picture above, but here’s the specs that you need if you want to get building:

  • 13 Speed, 11 - 53 tooth cassette
  • 1,500mm wheelbase, prone geometry
  • 188mm dropout spacing, huge BB spacing are not patented and are free for use by all drunkards
  • Full geometry will not be released due to the waste of time from measuring

Pinkbike write that: “This full 3D video was not meant to diss anyone or discourage change in the MTB industry. There are no affiliations to Club Roost products and the video was created for fun in one afternoon after an awesome ride!"

One thing is for certain anyway, we would absolutely love to see an edit of the bike above in action.

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