Photo: Teton Gravity Research/YouTube Screenshot

From the biggest front flip in mountain biking history to charging along with a group of horses, there’s been a lot of hype over Teton Gravity Research and Anthill Films production unReal.

That stoke has only been furthered by the ‘Mind the Gap’ making-of episodes that have been dropping in the run up the film’s release, and the latest instalment takes us deep into the British Columbian backcountry to witness something most people would claim is impossible – mountain biking on a glacier.

It goes without saying that this is really putting your bike skills to the test. Yes, you’ve got some of the best in the world involved in this project in Cam McCaul, James Doerfling and Graham Agassiz, but mountain biking on a glacier? Really? Even the skiers and snowboarders the guys talked to in advance seemed doubtful.

It’s safe to say that it didn't come without its problems. The guys quickly found out that the slightest of wrong turns or even a touch on the pedals would send you flying across the icy snow. The Pemberton Ice Cap may be beautiful, but it’s certainly not the most forgiving of places.

It’s not only the riding that was difficult either. The guys struggled to walk around for the first little while, and saw the jumps they had spent hours building slowly melt away into near enough nothingness. You don’t get that on most mountain shoots.

Eventually, the team ended up drilling screws through their bike tires, which allowed them to ride steep ice with more comfort. It worked out well, and the rest of the madness is documented below:

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