Pictured: Matt MacDuff losing control on 'The Loop of Doom'

The Loop Of Doom Matt MacDuff

Every man in history has had a dream. Some men dream of winning the Lotto, and living out their days in the south of France married to Scarlett Johansson. Some dream of scoring the winner in a World Cup Final, while others dream of travel and adventure. Mountain biker Matt MacDuff had a dream. It wasn't your normal sort of dream though. It was a crazy dream. A mad dream. A dream that resulted in 13 fractures.

MacDuff's dream was focused around building and riding a 40-foot loop. Along the way, a three year process from start to finish, MacDuff experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. There were scheduling conflicts, the conquering of 20-foot loop, a successful Kickstarter campaign, a timeline that fell behind schedule, and four whole weeks dedicated to the construction of the "The Loop of Doom" in South Africa.

The Loop Of Doom Matt MacDuff

The Loop Of Doom Matt MacDuff

The original plan had been that the loop would take two weeks to build, and that they'd be two weeks of well thought out calculations before MacDuff put his neck on the line and actually tried out the super-sized loop. Things didn't go quite to plan however, and MacDuff ended up trying the loop of doom without sufficient prep.

On the 19th of March, MacDuff swallowed his fear and went for it. The eye-popping, and truly terrifying, 80 foot roll-in resulted in MacDuff picking up an insane amount of speed - too much, as it turned out. MacDuff shot out the side of the loop, went flying through the air, and landed horribly on the hard-packed dirt. He suffered 10 right wrist fractures, and three ankle fractures.

For obvious reasons, the Canadian rider had to take a break from mountain biking. He's currently nursing himself back to health in Ontario and, we're happy to report, has just started walking again. MacDuff will make a full recovery from his injuries and, if rumours are to be believed, he might be considering another pop at 'The Loop of Doom.'

Screenshot: YouTube (via - The Rise).

The Loop Of Doom Matt MacDuff

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