Photo: Ludo May/YouTube Screenshot

While most people in Europe, or in Britain at least, are enjoying nice dusty, dirty mountain bike trails by this point in the year, Ludo May does not have that luxury.

Rather, the Canyon Factory Enduro team rider is still surrounded by snow over in Verbier, Switzerland, and quite a fair bit of it at that.

Ludo’s never been one to let a bit of powder come between him and an edit though, and it’s certainly not stopped him from dropping some of the most visually stunning footage we’ve seen in quite a long time. This would get anyone excited to get on their bike:

The feature is the third episode of the ‘Ludo et son velo’ series, and it dropped back on 19 April.

After the comical entrance and the abandoning of a poorly contested game of squash, it contains some serious shredding through the fluffy white stuff and some sensational videography.

Photo: Ludo May/YouTube Screenshot

If you can’t get enough of that video up top, you’re probably wanting to give the previous two episodes from the series a watch as well - they're along the same lines in terms of filming and creativity.

Well, for your convenience, here's another few videos from the wonderful Mr. May... Thank us later!

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