French shredder Remy Metailler has broken his T6 Vertebrate after crashing out on a huge backflip at the Taxco urban downhill race in Mexico.

Remy released the following statement after the incident via his official Facebook page, along with the photo at the top of the page:

“Half a second after that shot I broke my back. The past Saturday, I flipped the last jump of Downhill Taxco and overshot a tiny bit. Just enough to take the biggest slam of my life, all on my back. I made a mistake and I landed like you never want to land.

“The shock was horrible and I knew even before I bounced on the floor that I had broken a vertebrae. I wanted to make sure I won’t move before doing X-rays. The doctors took care of me and told me it was just the muscles. At this point I was just so happy but I knew my body and that it was probably more than this. The pain was not bad. I walked and danced fine after they told me I was ok, without taking any drugs.

“Yesterday I went to double check in Guadalajara before flying to France. Within two seconds the doctor saw I had cracked and compressed my T6. I was just walking, holding things, bending with no real struggle. My bones were not painful.

“Now I am going to rest the bone, and then go back to the gym to get stronger and healthier than ever. I am so determined and motivated to work harder than ever."

And here are some more epic Remy vids because who doesn’t enjoy watching the French genius?

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