A mountain biker has suffered severe burns after his iPhone exploded on a fall from his bike.

Gareth Clear was cycling around  Australia's Manly Dam last Sunday, when he felt his phone in his pocket heating up.

He noticed smoke and heat coming from his phone, just seconds before it exploded.

The phone melted through his shorts, before then burning through two layers of skin on his upper right thigh.


"I fell to the side on my bike, the phone was in a rear pocket" Clear told Sky News.

"I looked at my right hand side and I just saw smoke coming from the back of my shorts."

"There was this intense heat generated from my pocket ... it melted through my shorts and gave me third degree burns in the upper right hand side of my thigh."

Permission for use given  THE last injury Gareth Clear was expecting while mountain biking was a severe burn from an exploding phone.  The 36-year-old from Bondi was riding around Manly Dam on Sunday afternoon when he fell from his bike, landing on his iP

Clear says it was a million in one chance of his lithium battery getting pierced that caused the explosion.

Now hooked up to a drip to prevent infection of his wound, doctors have said his recovery will take a few weeks.

Apple are looking into why the explosion happened, but until they figure it out, maybe don't keep your phone in your front pocket when you go riding.....

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