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There are few things better than taking on a perfectly set up trail with a group of mountain bikers.

Some of them will whizz through it with no problems at all, sailing past turns that would normally have you going head over handlebars and clocking up a time more commonly associated with microwavable Tesco value meals than any form of cycling.

Things don’t go right every time though, no matter how good you are. That much should be clear for anyone who watched the UCI World Cup last year, then saw Josh “Ratboy" Bryceland crash out at the final hurdle of the World Champs.

crash 1

Crashes happen. And they happen regularly . It doesn’t matter whether you’re a regular punter or Steve Peat, you’re going to take a bail eventually, and every now and then, it’s going to be hard.

With that in mind, let us introduce you to Joe Bernard. He’s a mountain biking regular who has spent a lot of time in the mountains – and in the video below, he’s put together three years worth of crash footage spanning from 2009-2012.

Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

The edit incorporates six weeks spent at Whistler, a weekend in Mammoth, time riding at Northstar and Jackson Hole, a trip to Bellingham, and a whole load of clips from his base in NorCal.

Sit back, enjoy the mayhem, and don’t be so hard on yourself next time you take a bail:

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