Competitors - Action

Competitors - Action

There's a certain point in everyone's mountain biking life where you need more than just the same trails over and over again. You need a new goal to aim for, new people to show off in front of and the chance of glory!

That's why MPORA have collected together ten of the best races around the world for you to test your skills at. We've got everything from entry level contests pitting you against World Champions to monumental odysseys across North America where survival is as important as speed.

[part title="Red Bull Fox Hunt - UK"]

Competitors - Action

Competitors - Action

When: October 2014

Where: Rostrevor, Northern Ireland

The Red Bull Fox Hunt gives you the chance to pit your skills against a downhill world champion as you and 400 others try and beat Gee Atherton down an Northern Irish hillside. The public takes on the role of the hounds but with Atherton giving chase as the fox in a reversal of the country pursuit.

Riders range from first timers to seasoned pro’s all aiming to take a famous scalp. The race begins with a mass start from the hounds with Gee Atherton released a short time after. Anyone who makes it down before Atherton wins. Last year 13 riders did so and the year before that just one rider crossed the line first.

More information about the Red Bull Fox Hunt.

Red Bull Fox Hunt Video

[part title="The Wild Boar Chase - UK"]

wild boar chase bigger

wild boar chase bigger

When: May 18 2014

Where: Forest of Dean, UK

The Forest of Dean is the spiritual home of British mountain biking and so it makes sense that it hosts one of the best events in the British MTB calendar. The Wild Boar Chase is a prestigious race that takes place over 42 miles through the stunning Wye Valley and Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire.

The trail takes in tough climbs and incredible technical descents that’ll keep you on your toes. It offers a great race to introduce yourself to MTB racing and if you don’t fancy the whole 42 miles than you can tackle some of the shorter distances.

More information about the Wild Boar Chase.

[part title="Manx End 2 End - UK"]

manx end 2 end

manx end 2 end

When: September 7 2014

Where: Isle of Mann, UK

This is the slightly less deadly and low key bike race on the Isle of Man but no less enjoyable for it. The races kicks off from the northern tip of the island and finishes at the southern point, riding the entire length of an island isn’t something you usually get to say after a day on your bike.

The event attracts a range of riders, from beginners to professionals and offers a great introduction into MTB racing. You’ll be racing with 1700 others and the course offers a variety of challenges, from small climbs, sweeping moorland and single track racing through the forests. Now in it’s 16th year, the End 2 End is well organised event that’ll have you coming back time and again.

More information about the Manx End2End. 

[part title="Karoo to the Coast - South Africa"]

karoo coast

karoo coast

When: September 20 2014

Where: Knysa, South Africa

The Karoo to the Coast race is a 100km thrash through glorious South African surroundings as you and the rest of the field race from high altitude down to sea level on the country’s coast. The first 15km is one of the most testing sections open to the public as it follows the Ou Wapad trails which are in terrible condition.

After tackling the Outeniqua Mountains the race drops down into Knysa and heavy forests that rewards skilled bike handlers. All proceeds from the race go towards the Lions Club International SightFirst fund which aims to restore sight to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

More information about the Karoo to Coast.

[part title="BC Bike Race - Canada"]

bc bike race

bc bike race

When: June 28 - July 5 2014

Where: British Columbia, Canada

Seven days of single track riding may not appeal to some, but if it’s your bag than the British Columbia Bike Race is the ultimate week of bike racing. It’ll take you from the majestic mountains of Whistler down to the Pacific coast taking in glorious woodlands and techinically challenging trails along the way.

The BC Bike Race is a well oiled machine and once you’ve entered you’ll be well taken care off with your fee including bike storage, ferry rides and two good meals a day. You can compete sole, but most race in small teams. The race offers challenging distances with smooth organisation meaning it’s a great way to introduce yourself to serious racing.

More information about the BC Bike Race.

[part title="Trans Alp - Germany to Italy"]

trans alp

trans alp

When: July 20 - 26 2014

Where: Oberammergau, Germany - Lake Garda, Italy

Alpine panoramas, mountain passes and stop offs in world famous cities are the foundations of one of the original European MTB races. The Trans Alp attracts competitors from all around the world and covers 600km and 18km of climbs as it winds through the Alps from Mittenwald in Germany to Lake Garda in Italy.

This race is serious business and you can expect to be cheered on by some 30,000 spectators as you slog your way through incredible scenery. Completing Trans Alps is an unforgettable experience and a great excuse to get some more stamps on your passport!

More information about the Trans Alp.

[part title="FNB Desert Dash - Namibia"]

desert dash namib

desert dash namib

When: December 12 - 13 2014

Where: Namib Desert, Namibia

In the words of the race organisers ‘you can win it, but you can’t beat it.’ If you make it to the end we reckon you’ll agree. Riders race for 24 hours straight in the blazing Namibian sun along the 370km long course - it’s one that separates the wheat from the chaff.

In between gasps for breath you’ll be able to enjoy incredible scenery and local wildlife including kudu and springboks. The race takes place over a single day and so you’ll get to see the sunset and rise over the Namib desert before making your way down to the more gentle coast.

More information about the FNB Desert Dash.

[part title="Iron Bike - Italy"]

iron bike

iron bike

When: July 26 - August 2 2014

Where: Piedmont, Italy

The Iron Bike offers a hardcore week of mountain bike racing in the glorious surroundings of the Italian Alps. Over seven stages and eight days you’ll cover 700km in distance and 22km of climbs and will be spending up 12 hours a day on your bike. With only 50% of riders surving the week it’s fair to say this isn’t the first stage race you should enter.

The Iron Bike will test you through high altitude climbs, technical descents and special timed stages. You may not be able to walk properly for a week at the end of the race but you’ll be left with the smug sense of achievement having tackled one of the sternest challenges on two wheels.

More information about the Iron Bike.

[part title="Megavalanche - France"]

Megavalanche Alpe d'Huez

Megavalanche Alpe d'Huez

When: July 9 2014

Where: Alpe d'Huez, France

Megavalance is one of the spectacles of MTB racing and something that everyone on two wheels should try and complete. The race kicks off with a crazy mass start as the entire field takes on a huge technical descent at once. The race takes place on Alpe d’Huez and follows the ski runs that are situated on the mountain during winter. Megavalanche follows a series of black runs which should give you an idea of what you’ll be tackling.

The race isn’t all downhill however as you’ll be in for some climbing as well. As the race drops from 3300m to 700m the race ends in woodland riding meaning that the Megavalanche tests every aspect of a rider’s skills in one of the most spectacular races in the world.

More information about the Megavalanche.

Megavalanche Video

[part title="Tour Divide - USA"]

tour divide

tour divide

When: Mid July 2014

Where: Banff, Canada - New Mexico, USA

The Tour Divide is more than just your typical mountain bike race, it’s a once in a lifetime adventure along the longest bike trail in the world. It also forgoes the usual racing formalities such as prizes, entry fees and support teams. Instead you send off a letter announcing your intentions and congregate at the start point.

As mentioned the course is incredibly long. The race takes place on the Great Divide Trail which, as some of you may know, runs from Canada down to the Mexican border, a shade under 4,500km. It’s not for the faint hearted as you’ll be expected to sort out accommodation, food and any repairs need yourself. The Tour Divide is a race that will change you but is the ultimate in open mountain bike races.

More information about the Tour Divide.