Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture6

Recently mountain bike photographer Sandra Sabitzer headed off the beaten track to somewhere unusual - Jamaica. These incredible pictures tell the story.

We'd spent much of autumn dreaming of escaping Europe's cold, wet winter weather to satisfy our trail hunger in warmer climates.

After some research we started looking at Jamaica. "Mountain biking in Jamaica?" One of our friends asked. "Do they even have any mountains?"

"Do they even have any mountains?" Yes, it turns out they do.

Well yes it turns out they do. The eastern part of the island is covered by the Blue mountain range with its highest point at 2,256m. A decent elevation by anyone's standards.

The climate in Jamaica is tropical, with hot and humid weather. But in the higher inland regions the weather is more temperate. The trail types vary from flow forest soil to exposed rock sections.

Previously the only way to get riding properly in Jamaica was to participate at the annual “Fat Tyre Festival" which was an invitational event, but starting with 2015 it became possible to arrange a personalised trip through Singletrack Jamaica.

It's an experience I'd recommend for everyone!

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture1

The white sandy beaches round Ocho Rio are like the Caribbean Dream. It's a good place to stay before and after your bike adventure.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture2

This place is called Irie Blue Hole. One of the best places to hang out and having fun around Ocho Rios.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture3

“What the hell is he doing there?" The surprised look of a man sitting in front of a local supermarket.

Riding through tiny villages in the middle of the Caribbean forest is a highlight. People were amazed of the colourful bikers passing their way.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture4

Erwin, who I travelled with, waits for the bus on Bull’s Bay near Kingston.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture5

High five – small village kids run out at us, shouting, laughing and having fun pretty much everywhere we go.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture6

It's a great feeling ending a long day on the bike at a place like this – the beach near Robins Bay. It doesn't get any better.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture7

Lonely, beautiful beaches along the trail to Robins bay. You just have to stop and take a walk or swim.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture8

Our head cook at Bull’s bay was always smiling, enjoying the good live - irie! He also made the best jerk chicken you'll ever eat.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture9

We met these sweet girls in the middle of nowhere near Hagley Gap.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture10

There are coconuts literally everywhere. They make delicious snacks between your rides.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture11

See? Taaaaaasty snacks...

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture12

Kids are your biggest fans. They have so much fun watching riders coming through.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture13

Small boy, big helmet. Never leave your stuff lying around. Kids will just grab your gear and go riding!

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture14

Erwin relaxing at James Bond beach after a long day shredding Jamaican trails.

This is the spot where Ursula Andress emerged semi-naked from the sea in the very first Bond film, Dr. No

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture15

The view from Strawberry hill into the Blue Mountains.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture16

Fresh fruits for sale in a day market near Ocho Rios.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture17

A Jamaican MacGuyver with his home made motor bicycle.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture18

Our small but wonderful apartment at Robins bay. A must-stay on any trip to the east part of Jamaica.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture19

Houses like these are the norm in the mountains

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture20

“Watch out, mountain bikers!" Local people getting their kids out of the way.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture21

A farm worker working on A banana field. This was at least two hours walk away from the next village.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture22

Collecting and washing blue mountain coffee at Whitfield Hall.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture23

The Jamaican way of life. Kicking back and being irie.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture24

Trails above the sea. The scenery is incredible and so much fun to ride - you can’t get enough of it.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture25

Little Abigail dancing in her school dress on James Bond beach.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture26

Cornering on one of the few shaped trails around Calton Hill. The Pressure Drop trail [presumably named for the Toots & The Maytals song - ed]is peppered with smooth berms and small jumps.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture27

Virgin beaches outside the tourist areas. No infrastructure, just nature. And boats.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture28

A sundowner near Port Maria. Having a cold Red Stripe in your hand and just enjoying and reflecting on the day on the mountain. Good times!

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture29

This is the feeling: Enjoying the last sun of the day on the way down to the beach, knowing that tasty food and a ice-cold beer is waiting for you.

Mountain Biking in Jamaicapicture30

In the dying light of the day a fisherman tries his luck.