Martyn Ashton 2 down not out

Trial cycling legend Martyn Ashton and the Global Mountain Bike Network are back with another stunning video that’ll give you the shivers and get you stoked on life.

Ashton is a pioneer in the world of the mountain bike; one of the main riders responsible for the huge trials boom during the 90s and bringing trial cycling to the mountain bike at all, a four-time British champion, and a man whose magazine cover shots inspired a thriving scene in Great Britain that spawned the likes of Danny MacAskill.

But in 2013 while riding in his touring action sports stunt show, Ashton has a crash which would leave him paraplegic. He was down, but he certainly wasn’t out.

Martyn returned in 2015 with “Back on Track", a positively tear-jerking video that saw the paraplegic cyclist get back on the mountain bike with the help of a custom-built set up, Danny MacAskill, Chris Akrigg and Blake Samson. At the time of writing, the video has more 1.25 million views.

Martyn Ashton 3 down not out

We had the privilege of interviewing Martyn Ashton after Back on Track dropped and were humbled and inspired by his positivity and optimistic outlook on life no matter what challenges he would come up against.

Now, Martyn and GMBN are back with another rousing edit, “Down Not Out", which sees Martyn ride a whole lot of the Fort William World Cup track – notorious for being one of the most difficult in the world – on his custom Canyon Sender.

Let us remind you; Martyn is paraplegic. He has no feeling at all from his waist down, and he’s still a better rider than most of us.

Martyn inspired in the 90s with magazine covers and innovative riding. These days he’s more inspirational than ever, with even more innovative riding and videos that never fail to provoke an emotional reaction, and best of all, a smile.

Some things never change. Martyn Ashton will always be an inspiration!

Martyn Ashton 1 down not out

If you’re interested in more, and watching just how Martyn’s bike works and what the ins and outs of it are, then you’ll want to check out Martyn’s bike check on his custom Canyon Sender below.

And below that? Here’s ‘Back on Track’ again. Just because... well, any excuse.

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