After months of build up and a preview video from Gee Atherton that made people on chairs everywhere fall of their chairs, the big downhill race on Dan Atherton’s Red Bull Hardline track finally took off last weekend – and it was wild.

When a track is so gnarly that it knocks off the man who created it while it’s still being tested – Dan missed out on finals with a shoulder injury – you know that the race-day is going to be mad. In the end, the winner was Scottish ex-World Champs winner Ruaridh Cunningham, and the footage from his head cam is surreal:

Despite racing super hard all weekend, Gee took a crash in finals, which destroyed his chances of being able to take the top spot. Ruaridh took the win by just under four seconds in the end from Joe Smith and Bernard Kerr below him.

Here’s the highlights reel for all of you who still can’t get enough of that gnarly track...

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