Red Bull recently gave Dan Atherton the resources to build the ultimate race track on a hillside in Wales.

The rider duly put together "one of the most difficult downhill mountain bike runs ever created" - and then got some of the world's best riders to give it a shot.

Nine riders were invited in total to take on the 'Red Bull Hardline' challenge - Brendan Fairclough, Mike Jones, Niko Vink, Joe Smith, Danny Hart, Gareth Brewin, Sam Dale, Loic Bruni and Gee Atherton.



Speaking to Dirt Magazine, Dan Atherton admitted: "Hardline as a title doesn't do the track justice but gnarly-as-fuck-and-flat-out-with-a-massive-gap-line doesn't quite have the same ring!"

You'll realise very quickly when you start watching that Dan isn't exaggerating either. This course was pretty damn crazy.

If it helps you get a hang of just how gnarly it actually was though, here are the head cams from Dan himself and overall winner Danny Hart, who absolutely killed it on the day. Enjoy.

Dan Atherton's Head Cam Footage:

Danny Hart's Head Cam Footage:

Gee Atherton's Head Cam Footage:

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