double pipe

double pipe

It's Friday once more. Five days of tedium are done and its weekend time. To celebrate everyone's favourite afternoon of the week we've collected the best seven videos from the world of action sports to come across our desk this week.

[part title='Deity: Enduro']

Enduro is the new donwhill in the world of MTB. It's combines the adrenaline rush of throwing yourself down a narrow, tree-lined track with the calve burning pain of uphill endurance racing. Sounds fun right? Well at the very least it's plenty muddy - or dusty in the case of this video.

Bas van Steenbergen goes to town in Moab, Utah with some intense riding. The barren landscape offers some gnarly lines and some epic mountain bike action.

[part title='Double Pipe']

What could be better than one superpipe? How about two? Red Bull, in their infinite wisdom and bottomless pockets, set up the the mega pipe for some of the world's best riders could show their skills on one of the most epic stages we've ever seen. We originally thought that two riders would perform their runs against one another and looked forward to the copious opportunities for flying slapstick. Instead the snowboarders have both pipes at their disposal and the result was even better than we'd imagined.

US Open champion, Taylor Gold continued his great season by winning the Double Pipe competition with some tasty michealchucks and transfers. We hope to see more innovative pipe designs in the future.

[part title='HTC Skatepark']

High street fashion met the world of skateboarding this week with the HTC One Skatepark opening in the basement of the Selfridges Hotel, London. It'll be free to use for the city's skaters for the next month and if this edit is anything to go by it's going to be pretty gnarly park.

The guys from Kingpin and Sidewalk put together this edit from a private session that took place prior to its Friday opening. Some of the UK's best skaters went to town, killing it on the obstacles and features inspired by London's best skate spots that are located in the 1,700m2 park. Get down there if you can and enjoy.

[part title='Coalatree']

In between police corruption, rampant violence and powerful cartels it's safe to say Mexico's got its fair share of problems. Quality places to skate isn't one of them as this edit shows. Mexico City offers a great canvas for Zach Lyons, Ryan Spencer and Ryan Lay to explore and show off their skills. There's some great features in Ol' Mexico and they're exploited to full advantage.

[part title='Horrific Skiing']

Family skiing holidays are usually so relaxing. You get to stay in accomaodation that isn't uninhabitable or carcinogenic and you get to eat loads of fondue and enjoy family arguments. It's not often they take a dark turn like this one when your father ends up losing a startling amount of blood during a wipeout. Luckily the dad suffers no serious injury despite the amount of claret but the lesson is clear here - wear a helmet!

[part title='The Scene: Lyon']

Not to be confused with the Luc Besson film of the same name, Lyon is one of Europe's premier skate scenes. Kingpin managed to get some of Europe's sharpest shredders along to southern (ish) France to tear it up in the city. Flo Mirtain, Adrien Coillard and JP Villa throw down in style.

It looks glorious in black and white and high definition and is a great excuse to enjoy some of the best continental skateboarders doing some great work.

[part title='Lazy Sunday Crusin']

If a dump of snow like this landed in the UK it would destroy the nation's infrastructure for weeks if not epochs. Finland is different. Where we see disaster they see an opportunity for some gnarly urban shredding, no car roof is safe.