The Fort William World Cup has been and gone once more. Greg Minnaar made history with his 17th ever world cup win, Rachel Atherton turned it around having qualified 37 seconds off the pace, and as usual, a lot of stoked fans did a lot of strange things.

It's no secret that one of the best parts of the Fort Bill downhill is the madness that goes on in the crowd. From costumes and accessories to instruments and actions, there are no rules - well, maybe a few - that leave you constrained on race weekend, and the camera phones in the crowd captured a lot of the chaos...

1) Spotted Trying To Ruin Saturday

Spotted 6

2) Spotted Not Letting It Ruin Saturday

Spotted 1

3) Spotted Making The Most Of It

4) Spotted On Sale For All The Family

spotted 4

5) Spotted Picking Out His/Her Line On The Big Screen Live Feed

spotted 9

6) Spotted Combining Their Two Main Loves - Christmas And Rachel Atherton

Spotted 2

A Change of Allegiance From Previous Years...

7) Spotted Fitting In With The Crowd

Spotted 3

... And Really Getting Into Things (In The Bottom Left Corner)

8) Spotted Nailing Guns n' Roses 'Sweet Child O' Mine' On The Air Guitar In Front Of The Entire Fort William Crowd...

spotted 5.3.1jpg

...Then Heading Back To Toast His Performance With The Rest Of The Crew

Spotted 5.2
Spotted 5

9) Spotted Bringing A New Meaning To 'HeadCam'

spotted 10

10) Spotted Causing All Sorts Of Slippery Havoc

IMG_20150608_110521 (1)

11) Spotted Out Of Bounds With A Bunch Of Bananas


12) Spotted, Very Easily, On Top Of The Crowd

spotted 11

...And Making The Big Screen For His Efforts

spotted 11.2
spotted 11.1

13) Spotted By Our Friends At Dirt

14) Spotted Brandishing The Five Ten Trumpet

spotted 13

15) Spotted Uniting The Crowd, One Whistle At A Time

[video mp4=""][/video]

16) Spotted Sparking A Selfie Queue As Soon As She Stepped Foot In The Crowd

spotted 12

17) Spotted Bossing A Cigar After Bossing Fort William

spotted 14

Well done Rachel, Greg, and a pat on the back for all in attendance. If you spotted anything on your camera phone you've not seen above... be sure to let us know in the comments!

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