team infocus 2

Rolling waves, dramatic sunsets, green surroundings... This doesn’t look a lot like winter to us?

Our winters involve seven or eight layers of thermals, slipping on a patch of ice every time you get off a bus which was probably half-flooded anyway and coming face to face with a red cup of Starbucks coffee every time you open Facebook or Instagram.

team infocus 1

This winter looks a lot nicer. This winter involves a lot more mountain biking in a lot less snow than we’re used to come December and the following months.

The feature comes from Team InFocus, and shows Andi Tillman and Flo Berghammer escaping the German winter – we were in Munich a few weeks ago and it was pelting down with snow – to take on the trails of Finale Ligure in Italy.

This makes for very pleasant watching. Well, much better watching than sitting looking at people in knitted sweaters cry when they walk past John Lewis anyway.

team infocus 3

If anyone would like to raise the funds to send us to Finale Ligure this Italy, please know that we will more than welcome your generous donations. What a merry Christmas this would be indeed...

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