Trail builders are the creators of the mountain bike world. The ones who put in the time, effort and graft to make the shredding possible and make their dream trails come true.

That story above is certainly true for Steve Storey, who spent a massive two years building this trail after an injury riding in Central America. The end result? Damn impressive to say the least.

"Over two years, we slaved away cutting, shaping, and digging," he writes on Pinkbike, where you can read the full story and see some stunning photographs from the build.


"Building this trail became our obsession. In that time, we spent more time working on our dream build than actually riding our bikes. Our backs ached, muscles were taxed, joints became chronically sore.

"What seemed like an impossible task soon became a reality and the arduous journey to completion was done. We never took short cuts and it took much longer than we both envisioned. The time and money invested are nothing compared to the feeling of riding our own hard work sculpted from the earth."

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