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If you asked a hundred cyclists what their ideal stomping ground would be, it’s very unlikely that any one of them would name anything remotely resembling Torcal de Antequera in Spain.

The nature reserve is located in the Sierra del Torcal mountain range, and it’s known for its abstract, treacherous karst terrain, formed from the dissolution of soluble rocks. It’s dangerous to navigate from on two feet, so to do so on two wheels is near enough unthinkable... In layman’s terms, that basically means the place is packed with sharp, unpredictable rock faces sticking high out of the ground and spread inconsistently and intermittently around the area.

It’s pretty damn dangerous to navigate your way from rock to rock on two feet then, so to do so on two wheels is near enough unthinkable. Or it certainly used to be.

Trials rider Yann Dunant dropped this stunning footage of himself, his brother Loic, and Nicolas Vuillermot taking on El Torcal earlier this week. These guys take on some lines that would send most weekend riders to hospital...

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