Claudio Caluori red bull rampage course preview

Claudio Caluori red bull rampage course preview

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. It's finally happened. Claudio Caluori has released his course preview... from the gnarliest freeride mountain biking competition in the world; the Utah-based insanity that is Red Bull Rampage.

Now, we’ve heard all about the digging that’s been going on over there recently. Nico Vink is planning a huge drop like never seen before, and Brandon Semenuk’s “terrifying" line is so crazy some people won’t even stand near the edge.

Safe to say our buddy Claudio has stayed clear of those lines to get down the Rampage mountain, but fair play to everyone’s favourite rider – he stomps the trail, albeit going a little bit insane and singing ‘Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly’ on the way down.

That’s enough from us though. The best moments from Red Bull Rampage, which has been moved forward a day to October 16, are still ahead of us, but here’s a belter of a video to kick off the 2015 course action:

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