Photo: Marc Panaud/Screenshot

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Mountain biking is awesome, and wakeboarding is awesome, so what do you get when you combine mountain biking and wakeboarding? Double the awesome!

That’s what happened when Fox Europe brought the pedal power of Yannick Granieri together with the boarding talents of Lee Debuse at the Canal de Marseille in France last year, and the resulting project provided some of the finest images of 2014.

The project all started when Yannick, who has an insane backyard set up as it is, decided that he’d quite like to jump over the 10m-wide canal running around the back of his house. Obviously.

If most people said they wanted to give that a shot, their employers would probably tell them that they can give it a go if they really must, but they won’t be getting any sick leave it if all goes wrong. And they’d probably recommend they saw a psychiatrist as well.

Photo: Marc Panaud/Screenshot

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When your client is Yannick Granieri though, you’ve not got so much to worry about. The Frenchman has been riding hard all his life, thriving on creativity and pushing the sport further alongside the best in the world.

So, with his heart set on that big river jump, the rider went about building one of the biggest drop-ins you’ll ever see on one side of the river, and clearing a massive landing site on the other. The result was a kicker that most people wouldn’t hit if there was a million quid waiting on the other side.

Next up, Debuse and his team installed a well-placed rail to take on while Granieri was flipping through the air, and when all was built, said and done, the boys unleashed some absolute hammers. Have a look and see for yourself:

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