Kurt Sorge ride active volcano mtb mountain bike

Mount Bromo is an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. Set in the Tengger massif, the mountain stands at 2,329m high. It last erupted from November 2015 all the way through to February 2016, and it’s at it again now.

Volcanic ash more than a kilometre high has been oozing out of Bromo since 1 April, to the extent where it’s caused the closure of a local airport in the nearby city of Malang.

Indonesia’s volcanology agency – the international winner of the “coolest name for an Asian agency" category at this year’s International Really Cool Names for Stuff Awards – have even raised the alert level on the mountain, issuing a warning that forbade hikers from climbing Bromo, and later banned them from going within 1km of the site.

Kurt Sorge ride active volcano mtb mountain bike 1

Needless to say, freeriding hero, Red Bull Rampage champion and everyone’s favourite mountain biker who sounds like a type of frozen dessert, Kurt Sorbet – wait, no – Kurt Sorge, thought that this would be a good time to head over to the Tengger massif for a ride around on a mountain bike.

Needless to say again, he was damn right. Sorge’s “Trail Eruption: Seeking Mount Bromo", filmed with Polygon Bikes, is as much of a banger as we’ve seen this year. Drop what you’re doing and get ready to stare... these trails look sick!

Kurt Sorge ride active volcano mtb mountain bike 2

PS. The song is 'Pretty Lil' Foot' by Rising Appalachia and The Human Experience. We checked.

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