Danny MacAskill dropped his stunning GoPro Cascadia video in December 2015, and (presumably) to commemorate the year anniversary GoPro have released some behind the scenes footage from the filming of the edit.

The new footage focuses on Danny’s filming of the final jump in Gran Canaria, which sees him leap off a step down and pull a front flip into the ocean.



This might sound terrifying as it is, but apparently MacAskill was expecting it to be a lot simpler than it turned out to be, with such surreal quotes as the below coming out of the man himself in the video:

  • “Why am I scared?"
  • “What I thought was going to be quite chilled ended up being quite stressful," and
  • “It’s just the fact I can’t see it. I can’t look. That’s what is stressing me."

Well Danny, it may be confusing to you, but it’s certainly no big mystery to us as to why this was scary. YOU WERE FRONT FLIPPING OVER A BUNCH OF ROCKS FROM LIKE 15M INTO THE OCEAN.



Originally Danny had planned to film the clip from a 27m rooftop but after doing some research the team found the sea wasn’t deep enough, so they had to find another spot.

It’s interesting to see that some things frighten even Danny MacAskill…

And if you need refreshing of the full Cascadia video, have a watch below:

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