Once upon a time, back when the internet was all fields, nobody thought twice about a bit of slow motion in mountain bike footage. But now? People backflipping a bike at 6zillion frames per second is the most contentious issue in the mountain biking world.

Many an otherwise happy trip to the trails has been soiled by arguments whether slow motion is a beautiful thing, or a curse inflicted upon the world by heavy-handed video editors.

At risk of nailing our colours to the mast (not least because next week there'll be a slow-mo free edit that we'll love), this Slopestyle edit from second leg of the Crankworx Triple Crown is Les Deux Alpes is slow motion heavy, and looks bloody wonderful.

Brett Rheeder's virtually flawless run saw him claim the top spot on the podium, edging ahead of rival Brandon Semenuk, but this edit isn't about who finished where. This is two minutes of some of the best looking mountain bike action you'll see in a long time.

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