Red Bull Rampage is a place for mountain biking firsts, and Tom Van Steenbergen almost extended that legacy when he attempted the world's longest ever front flip over the canyon gap last month.

Of course, 'almost' is the key word there, so have a look at the video above for the POV GoPro footage and a good live angle of the 18-year-old's crazy crash when he attempted the stunt.

It’s safe to say that Tom would’ve been on for the podium if he had stuck the front flip landing...

Tom was nailing a nice run up until the crash, even stomping a sick drop just before the gap, and it's safe to say that he would've been on for the podium if he had stuck the front flip.

Rumour has it that the rider's balls were just too big to nail a clean landing, but Mr. this rider is certainly one to keep an eye on, and we're already excited to see what he produces next season.

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