Audi Nines has another world first as Adolf Silva became the first person ever to land a Cali Roll on a downhill bike.

A Cali Roll is a body varial trick here the bike stays in the same place but the rider flips or spins around it. It's most common in freestyle motcross where the riders use handles under their seat to push off and gain the momentum for the spin.

It's not the first body varial trick done on a mountain bike, that honour goes to Mike Montgomery, who landed one back in 2010. However, Mike was doing it on a jump bike so has to hold on to his handlebars the whole trick, on a downhill bike with handlebars that don't spin freely, Silva was able to use the saddle to anchor his rotation, meaning he was further off the back and technically doing a different trick. Silva has called it a Cali Roll but he probably could have got away with claiming a true World First if he wanted.

Mike's trick is below for comparison:

Moto has a long history of body varial tricks from Chuck Caruthers' X-Games-winning Carolla in 2004, through to Jeremy Rouanet's rotating stem handle and through to today, where tricks like this are commonplace. It's been an 8-year drought of body varials in mtb but we're glad to see them make a welcome return. With Silva due to head to Virgin, Utah for his first ever Rampage later in autumn, could we see him crack it out there too?

It's crazy how we've had a world's first inspired by BMX in Dawid Godziek's quad tailwhip, and one from moto in the same comp.  Crazy, I tells ya.

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