What did you get up to in 2014? Personally I was mainly playing Call of Duty on my Xbox 360 and trying to figure out what the hell was going on in Game of Thrones. Those fearless MTB freaks from Finland's Team Zero Gravity however were tearing up the Euro freeride scene as they have been ever since 2001.

Here they serve up some of their favourite freeriding moments of 2014, mixed with trippy visuals and on-the-road footage. OK, so it's mostly just a bunch of guys in their twenties careening down some perilous tracks through a load of lush green forest, but have you seen those skills? It's like they're not even trying, for Akka's sake (Akka is the Finnish Goddess of the Earth by the way, mythology fans). At one stage one of them is even smoking, and I'm not talking figuratively.

A particular highlight comes towards the end of the video when we find a couple of our newfound friends scoping out what looks like at least a thirty feet high rock, just shy of an enormous lake. Surely they can't be, you think, but the next second there they are, casually speeding over the edge without a care in the world. Bonkers!

But that's pro mountain biking for you, anything is possible so long as you've got the talent, and the sponsorship, to back you up. Rather them than me though.

Riders in order of appearance; Riku Länsiö, Anssi Koskinen, Ari Kemppainen, Tommi Hoffren and Olli-Pekka Varis. Cinematography is by Mikko Hallikainen.