Remember being a kid and genuinely believing that adults were somehow different from you? Remember thinking that because grown-ups had cars, and a mortgage, and a job that they must really have their shit together? That they must be really sensible? We do. We remember it well. The sweet naivety of youth. T'was a simpler time.

The longer we've spent wading through adulthood's swamp of disappointment however, the more time we've had to accustom to the simple truth that adults are just children that got old. The love of silliness, and immaturity, never really goes away. It just gets hidden from view behind train delays, increasingly wrinkled foreheads, and self-assessment tax forms.

God bless Nitro Circus then. God bless them for never really growing up. And by consequence, stopping us from properly growing up as well. Every event they stage is effectively like a toy-box that's got really, really, out of hand. How can anyone not enjoy that on some level?

Anyway. In addition to mormons and expansive salt flats, Utah can now add the afterglow of an adrenaline-packed Nitro Circus weekend to its list of things it has in abundance. On the 22nd and 23rd of September, Salt Lake City's Motorsports Campus bore witness to the Nitro World Games. Specifically, the events of FMX Best Trick, Nitro Rallycross, and FMX Quarterpipe.

Did it go off? Yes. Was it absolute scenes? Also yes. In terms of the results, Pat Bowden took top spot in FMX Best Trick, Timmy Hansen finished first in Nitro Rallycross (NRX) while Colby Raha mounted the winner's podium with his epic 45.2ft effort in the FMX Quarterpipe.  

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