Photo: Damien Walters

British stuntman, free runner, gymnast, and human crash test dummy Damien Walters is the don of the viral internet trick video. His back catalogue has got more views than a slow drive along Big Sur.

Last year he melted the internet with his insane, never-been-done Hold And Release bungee jump, among a whole host of other eyeball-ruining stunts.

You could hardly have missed his fleshy-dome flipping, spinning, and twisting all over the place. But, on the off chance you were living on the moon for a month last year, D.Waltz - as we're sure nobody calls him - has collected all of his nutty stunts from 2015 into one epic edit.

From flaming flips, to multi-parkour madness, to jumping on, through, and out of cars, crazy slip-n-slides, to that body-buckling bungee jump, it's thee minutes of utter brilliance.

He's on fire! - Photo: Damien Walters
Just a casual catapult over a house... - Photo: Damien Walters
Strop flip  - Photo: Damien Walters
Hang and drop  - Photo: Damien Walters
See ya... - Photo: Damien Walters

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