Following their successful Kickstarter campaign, freerunners Jesse La Flair and Cory DeMeyers have just released their film From Here to There on Vimeo on demand.

The film traces the pair, both of whom are pretty big names in the world of parkour, as they travel the world competing and generally just filming rad stuff.

The film features many of the sport's biggest stars...

The movie goes beyond just being a conventional action flick too, looking into the state of the sport more generally and why it is currently the fastest growing action sport in the world.

As well as Cory and Jesse, From Here to There features a stellar supporting cast including many of the sport's biggest stars, such as Jason Paul, Pasha 'The Boss' Petkuns and Aran Anwar of Team Farang.

You can rent or watch the full movie on Vimeo on demand by following the links at the end of the trailer above.

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