Most humans are born with an in-built alarm system. It's an alarm system that stops you from climbing to the 43rd floor of a Dubai skyscraper, jumping from ledge to ledge on the skyscraper's exterior, and dying a horrible death on the concrete below.

Russian daredevil Oleg Sherstyachenko doesn't have an in-built alarm system. Or, if he does have an in-built alarm system, he certainly doesn't pay any attention to it. His latest parkour stunt, which he did outside the 43rd floor of a Dubai skyscraper, is pinch-yourself, this-can't-be-happening, insanity.

Photo: Oleg Sherstyachenko/Instagram.

"I was not afraid to do this because at that height I feel like a bird in the air," Oleg told The Daily Mail. "l just enjoy life, just live, and do video and pictures for other people," he added. Of course, it's nice that Oleg feels like a "bird in the air" when he's doing his thing. The only observation we can make at this time goes like something this:

"Oleg, mate! You're not actually a bird. You haven't got any wings. If you fall from the 43rd floor of a skyscraper, you'll die. You'll definitely die. Not only that, but the number of letters in your surname will cost your family an absolute fortune when it comes to engraving your tombstone. You've got 14 letters in your surname, Oleg. 14!"

Watch the video, and let us know your thoughts. Is Oleg two crusty bread slices short of a sanity-sandwich, or is he one seriously gnarly parkour hero? The truth, as far as Mpora is concerned, probably lies somewhere in between these two arguments.

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