empty road

empty road

There are a whole host of reasons why Yorkshire is now the cream of the crop for cycle enthusiasts. From the best hills to the finest pit-stop cuisine, it has got all your cycling needs covered.

With the route of the Tour de Yorkshire being revealed next week, why not get yourself as excited as those Yorkshiremen? Aye up…

1) It beat Edinburgh, Barcelona and Venice to be the Tour de France host

tour de france

tour de france

2) Which means, it's officially better than this:


3) Yorkshire people are the happiest people in the country


4) And it has already been proven that they will like you better than the grumpies down south...


Clearly proven by Buzzfeed, Yorkshire will go those extra miles to make sure you feel very welcome on your saddle.

5) As the Tour de France showed us, the farmers will be sure to give you the most enthusiastic welcome.

People-made bike

People-made bike

6) No-one will care about you clogging up the road


7) There aren't many cars to get in your way either...

empty road

empty road

8) So, naturally, the air is fresher too...

fresh air

fresh air

9) You can laugh at the place names to get you through the hard times


10) Then for your pit stop, it has it's own tea...


11) And puddings of course...


12) It's own cake too...


13) And is home to Britain's best beer


14) Which will be cheap as chips...


15) It also has some of the best cycle cafes


16) It's the biggest county. So plenty of routes to choose from...

yorkshire map

yorkshire map

17) Yorkshire has proper hills...


18) And Britain's highest pub waiting at the top

tan hill

tan hill

19) It has the best views to go with the hard climbs


20) And gave birth to some cycling legends

Lizzie A (2)

Lizzie A (2)

21) You get mountain biking...


22) Trial biking...


23) As well as the road cycling


You're telling me that Yorkshire int' the one?


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