As you can imagine, the bicycle wasn’t the first thing that the wheel was put to use on. Back when they first invented the wheeled-vehicle – around the same time the Sahara desert was starting to form – it was more for practical use than having fun.

But as you can probably guess, we reckon the bicycle is still the pinnacle of the wheeled evolutionary process. Eat your hearts out chariots and... err, significant agricultural innovations of the 35th century BC.

Still, even the bike wheel is often a point of contention. Your wheel can be big. Your wheel can be small. Your wheel can be colourful, or fat, or apparently, even hung above your dining room table instead of on the front of your bike.

Sorry, what was that last one?

bike wheel lamp

Well, some people don’t like to see old bike wheels go to waste, and what better way to spend the time relaxing between cycles than recovering in a room that’s surrounded by wheels.

So, without further ado, here are a collection of bike wheels that have been saved from the dump; bike wheels that have found a new meaning in life; bike wheels that are at this point, pretty much immortal.

Have a read and get inspired... Just don’t blame us if your friends call you a giant hipster and your other half gets angry at you for hanging used bike wheels everywhere in the house.

1) The Bike Wheel Chandelier

bike wheel chandalier

Credit: Etsy

Although, it can be a little off-putting when that one goes wrong...

Photo: Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse

2) The Bike Wheel Light

basic bike wheel

Credit: Pinterest

3) The Not-So-Basic Bike Wheel Light

excessive bike wheel light

Credit: Pinterest

4) The Bike Wheel Table

Photo: Antranik

5) The Bike Wheel Pot Hook


6) The Bike Wheel Coat Hanger For Shiny Jackets


Credit: Pinterest

7) The Bike Wheel Bow & Arrow?!

bow and arrow bike

Credit: Pinterest

8) The Bike Wheel Photo Frame

weird hipster photo frames

Credit: Pinterest

9) The Bike Wheel Trellis


Credit: Pinterest

10) The Bike Wheel Clock


Credit: Etsy

11) The Bike Wheel err... Glasses Tree?


Credit: Pinterest

12) The Bike Wheel Mirror Frame

global sources mirror frame


13) The Bike Wheel Turned Sketchiest Ride on Earth

Photo: Mother Earth News
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