Sometimes in life, you just need a bit more motivation to get where you're trying to go.

Let's say you wake up in the morning with an excruciating hangover for example. There's no chance you're going anywhere without the motivation of having stuck two stuffed-crust pizzas, four vanilla milkshakes and 'Titanic' on Blue Ray in your fridge the night before.

So, seeing as we're always trying to keep you kids motivated here at Mpora, we thought we'd compile some inspiring quotes for you to live by - and who better to get them from than a road cyclist who won the Tour de France seven times in a row from 1999 to 2005?


That's right Lance Armstrong and his famous firEPOwer should be enough to motivat- wait, what? Oh yeah. Shit. Forgot about all that.

Okay, seriously though. We walked past a book shop the other day and spotted Armstrong's 2000 autobiography 'It's Not About the Bike', which made us giggle profusely and blurt out loud "well, you've got that right."

That got us thinking; if the name of that old book was pretty much a joke in title-form, there must be some great inspirational quotes from Lance's past that panned out much the same. According to the quote section over at 'GoodReads', turns out we weren't wrong...


Lance Armstrong 4

...But drugs can


Lance Armstrong quote 1

...And then take some drugs


Giving A Helping Hand

The same length of time as Lance's ban from professional cycling


China Sacred Taoist laojun Mountain temples

...And not taking drugs


Lance Armstrong quote 11

With drugs


Man hiking silhouette in mountains sunset freedom

*Hits buzzer* We'll go with DRUGS


Lance Armstrong quote 6

...But drugs were


Lance Armstrong quote 7

...But guess what will?


Lance Armstrong quote 10

...And makes that next pick up more expensive


Mountain Fuji in winter sunrise at Hakone Lake

...And also drugs. They're important too.


Lance Armstrong quote 12

...And stop taking drugs


Lance Armstrong quotes 13

We can think of at least one thing riskier

13) Just gonna leave this one here

Lance Armstrong quote 9

PS. Mpora does not condone drug use. In fact, we're pretty sure that at this point, Lance Armstrong doesn't either! 

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