Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.21.08

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 10.21.08

There are some annoying things that you know you'll have to deal with when you ride in the bike lane.

You'll get cars trying to invade your space, buses riding about one to two centimetres behind you, and an array of others cyclists trying to edge their way in front of you - no matter how fast you ride.

One thing you shouldn't have to put up with though are rollerbladers in the bike lane. For so many reasons, it just shouldn't be a thing.

Here are 15 tweets from people who have had the misfortune of encountering such a thing:

1. Who Does That?

2. No Chill

3. #ThatsHowHeRolls

4. All Sorts Of Havoc

5. #Bladder

6. A Strong Statement

7. One Loud Bell Ding

8. Did I Really Just See That?

9. Ejected From The Game

10. Crazy Diamond

11. #OnlyinHull

12. Just Please Don't

14. #ClassicBrighton

15. Any Chance?

16. There's Always One

17. #DefendTheBikeLane

18. The Novelty Alternative Transportation Lane

19. This Is The Bike Lane Bitch!

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