Mountain Bike Snapped Broken Break

Mountain Bike Snapped Broken Break

You might have already noticed but, here at Mpora, we quite like bikes. We like riding them, we like looking at them, and we like watching the best in the business do jaw-dropping things on them.

But, let us tell you something about bikes. Bikes, man. Bikes can let you down. One minute, they're your best friend; taking you to places that are both new and exciting. The next thing you know though, they're down on the ground, looking you in the eye, telling you they can't go on and that they don't want to be a bike anymore. Damn you, bikes!

The victims of blatant bike treachery, featured in the videos below, would probably have quite a lot to say about bikes: "Why bikes? Why must you spurn our love, and hurt us so?" Yeah. Something like that.

1) Microscopic jump destroys bike

2) Front wheel falls off...boy keeps riding

3) Tailwhip to nowhere...

4) Snappin' the MTB frame mount

5) Wheel falls off tiny bicycle

6) Forkin' hell

7) For fork's sake!

8) Wait for it...

9) BMX ÷ 2 = This...

10) Snap!

11) When you need a lie down...

12) This bike went out with a bang...

13) Bike. Destroyed...

14) "You snapped your bike in half!"

15) 360...followed by an unmistakable sound

16) RIP Handlebars

17) Bit old school...

18) This rear wheel can't be bothered...

19) "Are you OK?"

20) Go big. Go home...

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