Remember when we brought you the tallest bike ever made? Well, this dude thinks he's made something that will challenge it.

This crazy contraption is a 5 meter high monocycle. Not to be confused with a unicycle (or anything vaguely normal), it's 7 wheels stacked directly on top of each other. The rider then perches on top and, after a few moments of hand-holding steadying with his pal, he lets rip, doing a few laps of the kind of gym where weird shit like handball is played.

Before the slightly sketchy ending, our crazy cycling buddy repeats a phrase that our expert translators tell us means "I wish I'd have tried harder in school".

So, is it a record breaker? Sadly not. At five meters high, it falls short by over a full meter. However, if there was a record for the weirdest ridable bikes we've seen, this nutty contraption would be right up there.

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