He's been The Terminator, the Last Action Hero, the "Governator" of California, and the Kindergarten Cop. His name is Arnold Schwarzenegger, he's 67 year old, and he's just won at Twitter.

Yesterday, social media got all excited when photographs emerged of Arnold riding around Central London on a Boris Bike. People were understandably surprised that Conan the Barbarian/Mr Freeze/the man who says "Get to da choppa" in Predator was riding a humble rent-a-bicycle around the capital (he's here to promote Terminator: Genisys).

For many who saw it, it was a pinch-yourself-I-must-be-dreaming moment. With men and women alike tweeting the Austrian-born, American, actor to ask if it was really him they'd seen.

Some even joked about how they'd nearly run him over, and criticised him for not wearing a helmet. Speaking of which, earlier this year Arnie got pulled over by Australian police for unsafe cycing.

Schwarznegger (@Schwarzenegger), who starred in the film Junior with Danny DeVito responded to these tweets with some solid gold. Not only did he get a load of retweets, he also managed to get us in the mood to watch one of the greatest films ever made...Jingle All The Way.

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