Edinburgh is a city full of history. Around 340 million BC, volcanic activity created the famous rock on which Edinburgh Castle would be built. In 1437 the city became the capital of Scotland. Edinburgh University was founded in 1582. The Jacobite rebellion tried and failed to take the castle in 1715.

The world’s first golf club was founded there in 1744. Charles Darwin began studying medicine in 1826. Burke and Hare caused carnage between 1827-1829. Authors ranging from Robert Louis Stevenson to Sir Walter Scott called it their home. It’s where JK Rowling wrote Harry f*cking Potter.

And now there’s a new date to add to the intricate history of the Scottish capital – 21 January 2016, the day that Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of ‘Jingle All The Way’, tried to cycle up one of the busiest streets in the city centre on the wrong side of the road.

arnold schwarzenegger edinburgh wrong side of road 1

That’s right, seven months after Schwarzenegger caused a miniature Twitter meltdown by cycling around London on a Boris bike without a helmet, the 'Kindergarten Cop' bad man was back on two wheels in the United Kingdom, this time exploring Edinburgh after attending a private event in the city the previous night.

Once again he found himself helmetless, but this time that was far from the biggest topic of conversation. Clearly forgetting that he was on British soil, Arnie set about cycling on the right – which is the wrong – side of the road, riding up Lothian Road in the city centre and putting looks of absolute bewilderment on the faces on the Scottish public.

Setting about the city with nothing more than his boots, his jacket and his bicycle, Arnie took in sights from Princes Street to the Grassmarket and Castle, breaking laws - and hearts no doubt - as he went.

arnold schwarzenegger edinburgh wrong side of road

While we’re sure the public of Edinburgh thought it was ICE to see him – yes, that was a reference to 1997’s 3.7/10 IMDB-rated film ‘Batman & Robin’ – they’d probably appreciate it if he rode on the right side of the road in the future. He didn’t get terminated though, so we suppose he’ll be back.

And when push comes to shove? Well, Arnie is a lot tougher than us, so he can probably get away with riding wherever the hell he wants. After all, we’re just f*cking choir boys compare to him. Choir boys! And bonus point to all who understood that reference.

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