Everyone has those moments in life that stick in the mind 10 years down the line and keep you up at night cringing when everyone else has long forgotten whatever you’re talking about.

For SBS journalist Michael Tomolaris, the video below will probably be one of those – the day he mistook Peter Sagan’s wife Katarina Sagan for a “superfan" of the Slovakian rider.

The Sagans were married in 2015 after meeting in Peter’s hometown of Žilna, and often travel to races together.

But Michael’s mistake is one that a lot of people could’ve made. We doubt many passing journalists or even all cycling fans could identify Katarina, though the fact that the questions included: “he’s a real hero, huh?" might have Tomolaris slightly squirming when he watches the footage back.



It’s only after he asks if Katarina lives in Australia and receives the answer: “No. I live with Peter" that the game is up.

Michael deals with it incredibly well to be fair to him and follows it up with a laugh, a few more questions and even a recognition of his awkward mistake.

Still, this minute-long video is made 20 times as long from sheer awkwardness. Enjoy.

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