mark cav

There are some things you can take for granted in life. If you live in Britain for example, you can be sure that in summer the sun is going to come up in the morning; it’s going to disappear as soon as you’ve stepped outside without a jacket, and you’re going to turn up at your eventual final destination wearing shorts and drenched in rain in the middle of July.

Just as certain as this unfortunate yet regular occurrence is the fact that Tour de France sprinters are always going to complain when the Tour hits the mountains.

Take Etixx-Quick-Step sprinter Mark Cavendish for example. He’s been having a right good moan recently about the excessive amount of climbs he’s going to have to pedal up before reaching the final stage of the Tour de France in Paris.


The Brit hit out on Twitter before stage 18 of the race, noting that it looks like the profile for the stage “has chicken pox" – referring to the route map, on which red dots indicate categorised climbs.

There are now only two mountain stages remaining before the finale of the Grand Tour event though, so maybe Cav will sleep a bit better tonight, or maybe he was just having a bit of a bad morning when he woke up and send out that tweet.

We certainly feel his pain though. Trying to tackle a small gradient on the way to work this morning after a couple of pints last night had us absolutely reeling. Taking on the mountains of the Tour de France? We think we’ll leave that to the pros...

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