The Vuelta a Costa Rica is quickly becoming a bike race with a bad reputation – and footage of one rider in the race attempting to literally karate kick his rival off a bike is probably not going to help it recover.

Let’s take a quick look through the history of the event first. Last year, the contest came into the news after a taxi driver drove into the peloton and caused a huge, horrific crash.


This happened because the race isn’t a big one, so not all of the roads are closed off for it, and so a taxi was able to pull out in front of the cyclists, and turning at the very last second, took out a whole host on riders. Watch the footage here:

In the same race last year, leader Mainor Rojas quit after there was no consequences or punishments handed following an incident where his teammate was punched to the ground by a rival in the peloton.

This lead to an altercation between riders and staff from the Reitt-Zumco-Mino and Frijoles Los Tiernitocos-Arroz Halcon teams, who fought and even "threw stones" at each other, hospitalising Ronald Araya and Nieves Carrasco, two of those involved.

This year, the race is back in the headlines for fisticuffs after a local rider tried to karate kick a rival off his bike after the two had been involved in a savage crash.


The fight took place on stage four of the race, travelling from Ciudad Quesada to Guapiles, and saw Gabriel Marin and Dylan Castillo come to blows.

Marin tried to kick Castillo off his bike and had to be restrained by a motorcyclist. Both riders were disqualified from the event. Watch the fight and the brutal high speed crash that caused it in the two Facebook videos below:

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