Boardman in action in Barcelona. His bike, designed by his friend Mike Burrows, was made by car manufacturer Lotus who allowed Burrows to test prototypes in their wind tunnel. Photo: Boardman Bikes

Chris Boardman is a legend in the world of cycling. The Englishman's gold medal in the 1992 Olympics is largely credited with being the spark that set off the British Cycling revolution and made the modern day Team GB success possible.

Chris has worn the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, held the Hour RecordĀ on several occasions, become a champion of cycling as a sport and for recreation and inspired an entire generation of cyclists to get on the saddle in the process.

We went along to the Edinburgh Book Festival to hear Chris talk about his memoir Triumphs & Turbulence, and sent out some live tweets during the sold out eventĀ (from the back where nobody could see us fiddling with our phone!).

Boardman touched on topics from the Olympics, past and present, to doping, the state of cycling in the UK, women's professional cycling and much more. Here are some of the highlights...