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Main photo by Chain Reaction Cycles Hub

It's that time of year when friends and relatives start probing about what you want for Christmas. From the subtle "Hmm, what do you think of those electric nipple clamps we saw in Home Bargains?" to the more overt "I'm guessing you'll want some stuff for that fucking bike of yours, won't you?".

Getting the cycling santa to deliver what you want is a minefield. But don't fret, Mpora are here to ease your yuletide woes. Here is our guide to everything a cyclist like you will want for Christmas.

Just leave this guide open on your computer or tablet, and let the images subliminally sink into the heads of those close to you.

It's alright, you can say it. We're good to you. Too good.

Mucoff 8 in 1

Keeping you bike clean not only makes it look all shiny and nice, but also increases its longevity. This 8-in-1 cleaning kit from Muc Off is perfect.

It comes packed with Nano Tech cleaning spray, an Expanding Microcell Sponge, six individual bespoke brushes, and a rather tidy storage tub that will stop you losing the bits somewhere in the shed.

£39.99 evanscycles.com // leisurelakesbikes.com

bike winerack

'Tis the season to be jolly, and a bottle of something may well help raise that festive cheer.

This tan leather wine rack for your bike is the perfect way not only to transport that post-work bottle home, but also to add a touch of sophistication to your £70 grime-splattered bike.

It'll fit onto all but the fattest bike frames, and the hidden clamps will keep virtually every regular size bottles of wine in place.

Just wait until you're safely back home before you crack it open though, eh?

£20.34, etsy.com


The Camelback Classic Hydration Pack is ideal for dodging thirst whilst riding your bike.

This backpack comes with a generous two litre bladder that usefully has a nifty external filling socket. This means you won't have to keep taking the insides out every time you want to fill it.

The backpack also has a elasticated cord system, perfect for storing your jacket if you're starting to get too warm during a ride. There's also a small pocket, ideal for keeping you phone, wallet, and keys while you're on the move.

£38.24 evanscycles.com // chainreactioncycles.com


Nobody will be able to miss you in this!

The whole outside shell of the jacket is made out of a reflective material, meaning that you'll be visible from every angle imaginable.

This high level of reflectivity ensures that other road users see you three seconds earlier than they would in regular clothing, so it will keep you safe on the wintery roads.

But it's not just a big mirror. The Reflect360 is fully vented, letting you regulate your body temperature on the go. As such, you'll arrive not just in one piece, but also cool and unflustered.

£74.99 evanscycles.com

Gore Bala

This neat balaclava will keep your head warm on long cycles rides, when the wind bites this winter.

Not only will it keep the cold out, it's also specially designed to wick perspiration away from the skin, meaning a bit of hard work won't result in a cold sweat.

The best part? When you've got it on, you'll look like an absolute ninja. Nice.

£24.99 evanscycles.com

x trails light

Not just your standard cycle lights, these nifty little fellas actually emit a bright bike lane behind your bike, ensuring that other road users keep their distance (or at least know where they shouldn't go if they want to keep their distance).

Along with the normal light, two super bright LEDs attached to the light are angled to shine directional light onto the road, creating a visual safety lane behind you as you ride.

£8.89 amazon.co.uk

kryptonite chain

The 'Fahgettaboudit' has to have one of the best names going. Use one of these to secure your bike and you can forget about it. Geddit?

It's not just a smart name though. The chain itself is made from 14mm, six sided links forged from triple heat-treated boron manganese, giving it maximum strength. The lock itself is made from 14mm hardened steel, and has a double deadbolt, for extra security.

£110.49 tredz.co.uk

giro helmet

This helmet from hard-hat specialists Giro mixes both safety and style perfectly. The lightweight Air Attack helmet has been designed to be aerodynamic, but without skimping on style.

Unlike most heavily vented helmets, it features a simple air tunnel system, that will keep your head cool, but will prevent you looking like you're wearing a space-age bird's nest.

£104.99 wiggle.co.uk


These neat headphones feature Skullcandy's trademark Supreme Sound, an all new Mic1 design and a specifically shaped ear bud (the bit where the sounds comes out) to ensure they're comfortable, but also deliver the best possible audio when you're on you bike.

The moisture resistant materials that the Skullcandy guys use to make the Smokin’ Bud 2 are designed specifically for an active lifestyle, wherever your bike takes you.

You'll never have to listen to taxi drivers screaming expletives at you again. However, they also allow environmental noise, so you're not compromising your safety.

£29.99 uk.skullcandy.com // amazon.co.uk


If you don't have one already, getting a GoPro to add to your cycling set-up is the gift that keeps on giving.

Mount one on your handlebars or helmet and capture your daily commute.

Not only will this provide you with footage of tubes in cars cutting you up, should you need to be in touch with the authorities, it'll also capture some of their weirder things that happen every day on the road that your friends never believe you about when you tell them in the pub. Safety and showing off. Perfect.

£99.99 shop.gopro.com