It's that time of year again. You're trying to buy a present for the road cyclist in your life, but they're too busy cycling to answer any of your questions.

What's your next step? Turn to the internet of course, and come into the welcoming arms of Mpora, where we've compiled some of the best Christmas gifts of 2015 for any budding road cyclist.

Last minute panic? Panic no longer. Have a look below and take your pick...

1) Endura Urban FlipJakTM Reversible Jacket, £99.99

endura- jacket 2

endura- jacket 2 christmas gift guide

Endura have designed this awesome reversible jacket for use both on and off the bike. On one side you've got high-vis colours and on the other, a smart, understated design that will let you fit in anywhere. It's warm, it's lightweight, and it's pretty much all-purpose.

Endura Jacket

Endura Jacket christmas gift guide

Find out more about the Endura Urban FlipJak here and find out where to buy near you.

2) Book: 'My Hour', by Sir Bradley Wiggins, £13.60

myhour_frontcover_news_rdax_75.jpg christmas gift guide

myhour_frontcover_news_rdax_75.jpg christmas gift guide

Sir Brad's latest book takes us behind the scenes of his famous hour record, from the planning and preparation to the aftermath. It also gives Wiggo the chance to talk about his heroes and the people who have helped him get where he is today. Surely a must for any road cyclist this Christmas.

You can order 'My Hour' from Amazon for £13.60

3) LifeLine 10 Rear Strip Light, £12 from Wiggle



A great stocking filler that'll keep someone safe on the road, the LifeLine 10-Lumen Rear Strip Light is a great stocking-filler for any urban cyclist.

The light's three lighting modes give great visibility, and it's wonderfully simple to use, take off and put on. The light also charges via. mini-USB - so a whole host of phone chargers can charge it as well as the provided charger. You can't go wrong with this light for urban riding, only £12 from Wiggle.


4) Svelte Cycles Riding Jersey, £60-90

Jersey christmas gift guide svelte

Jersey christmas gift guide svelte

Svelte Cycles got going earlier this year after a successful Kickstarter campaign earned over £13,000 from more than 150 people.

Their aim? "To design products focused so exclusively on quality and minimalism that they create an elegantly versatile connection between the bicycle and the clothing that rides it."

They certainly succeeded there. Svelte gear is as smart and as stylish as anything you'll find on the market, and it's incredibly comfortable as well.

Bib_shorts_and_jersey svelte cycles christmas gift guide

Bib_shorts_and_jersey svelte cycles christmas gift guide

We would recommend checking out the Navy Heritage riding jersey or the Classic Bib on the Svelte Cycles online site. They also have a long-sleeve riding jersey launching on December 9!

5) Howies' 'Next to Skin ' Base Layer Bundle, £69


howies base layer christmas gift guide road cycling

Base layers are an essential for any cyclist in the UK. Even in the summer, it's probably going to be chilly every now and then, and for winter, you pretty much can't get by without them.

Where to turn for the gift of warmth? We'd recommend looking at the Howies' 'Next to Skin' Base Layer Bundle, including one of their award-winning Classic or Light Merino Wool base layer and a matching pair of Merino "Schlong Johns".

We've tried and tested these out. They keep you cool when you're hot, warm when you're cold, and they're incredibly comfortable as well. A great pick at £69 for the whole bundle.

howies base layer christmas gift guide road cycling 1

howies base layer christmas gift guide road cycling 1

6) Salice 011 RW Radium Sunglasses, £54.95

Ulissi 011 Rad christmas gift guide sunglasses

Ulissi 011 Rad christmas gift guide sunglasses

The perfect present for a cyclist who likes to show off their style. Salice’s 011 RW Radium sunglasses are lightweight, shock absorbent and comfortable. Anti-glare coating and mirror-coating on the lens mean better vision, contrast and depth perception, and you can even get photochromic, light reactive lenses on the 011 frame too, which adapt to different conditions.

Of course, there's also the fact that a whole load of professionals choose Salice, and they look really freakin' cool. So don't forget that, either.

Check out the whole Salice 011 range and find a local stockist on their website, here.

7) Rapha Deep Winter Base Layer, £110


rapha deep winter christmas gift guide road cycling 1

If you're buying for someone who is serious about persisting on the bike no matter what the weather - and we mean freezing cold and pelting snow - then check out the Deep Winter range from Rapha.

Their Deep Winter base layer features a close fitting hood and the ultimate insulation for riding when most people will be wrapped up in their beds with a cup of tea.


rapha deep winter christmas gift guide road cycling

The Rapha Deep Winter socks, £25, are also designed for the coldest of rides and their overshoes, £75, are made tough for the cold conditions.

8) Kryptonite Evolution 4 Lock With Bracket, £31.99

kryptonite-evolution-series-4-u-lock-with-flexframe-bracket christmas gift guide

kryptonite-evolution-series-4-u-lock-with-flexframe-bracket christmas gift guide

If you know someone overly concerned about the safety of their bike but you’re working on a budget, this could be the lock you’ve been looking for.

It’s got a Gold Sold Secure rating, rated 8/10, and comes with three keys and a FlexFrame U Bracket to fit the lock to your bike frame. Though slightly heavy, something to be expected given the security rating, this would make a prize present for all wary cyclists. You can get it on offer right now at Amazon for £31.99.

9) Exposure Link Combination Front and Rear Light, £58.45 from Wiggle


The ideal all-in-one light for the road cyclist or regular commuter in your life, the Exposure Link mounts directly to the helmet and makes you highly visible from both front and behind.

It's incredibly easy to use and flick through the lighting modes while cycling, charges with mini-USB, so is easily charged at home or at work, simple to mount, and cuts out the hassle of having to turn on and off different lights at each end of the bike.

A great purchase, and now available with a 10 percent discount at Wiggle for £58.45.


10) Svelte Cycles Arm Warmers, £15-20

christmas gift guide svelte arm warmers

christmas gift guide svelte arm warmers

We previously mentioned the Svelte Cycles brand and how great their stuff is. Well, if you're looking to get a taste of their quality, comfort and style for a cheaper price, while gearing up for a season of winter riding, get these stylish arm warmers on your Christmas list.

christmas gift guide svelte arm warmers 1

christmas gift guide svelte arm warmers 1

You can check out the different styles of Svelte Cycles arm warmer available on their online site.

11) SealSkinz All Weather Cycle XP Glove, £36

SealSkinz-All-Weather-XP-Cycle-Gloves-christmas gift guide

SealSkinz-All-Weather-XP-Cycle-Gloves-christmas gift guide

If you're looking to get a pair of cycling gloves for a nutter who refuses to live indoors this Christmas, then we'd recommend turning to SealSkinz.

These are totally waterproof, breathable, windproof, anti-slip, reflective, and you can even still use your smartphone with your index finger and thumb, meaning you can still get to Strava as quickly as you need to!

You can buy the SealSkinz All Weather Cycle XP Glove at a reduced price of £36 from Wiggle.

12) HOY, 2 Cup Espresso Set, £9.99

hoy-2-cup-espresso-set christmas gift guide

hoy-2-cup-espresso-set christmas gift guide

A cracking stocking filler available for under a tenner from Evans Cycles, this HOY branded Espresso set is perfect for enforcing the fact that you live, eat and drink bikes even when you're not on a saddle.

Coffee? Great. Bikes? Great. This present? An absolute winner.

13) CamelBak Podium Big Chill 750ml Water Bottle, £12.79

gift guide bottles big chill camelbak

gift guide bottles big chill camelbak

A water bottle can't do much more than hold water, right? Wrong. It can keep the water cold while it does it!

CamelBak say: "A double-walled bottle construction uses closed cell foam technology to keep your water cold twice as long as a standard bottle." We say: "Awesome."

You can get the CamelBak Podium Big Chill 750ml Water Bottle for £12.79 from Evans Cycles.

14) Giro Savant Helmet, £49.99

giro savant helmet road bike christmas gift guide

giro savant helmet road bike christmas gift guide

Sweet style, nice ventilation and kitted with the Roc Loc 5 fitting system, the very best Giro offer, this is a great opportunity to get high quality protection for a reasonable price.

The Savant is currently discounted by 20% at Wiggle and available for £49.99.

15) Book: 'How To Be A Cyclist', by Josh Deering & Phil Ashley

christmas gift guide how to be a cyclist book road

christmas gift guide how to be a cyclist book road

"No bicycle repair was ever made easier by turning your bike upside down. White shorts are for other people. A helmet perched on the back of your head is perfect if you ride your bike backwards."

Need we say more? An A-Z of cycling truths and hilarity from Josh Deering and Phil Ashley. The perfect Christmas gift for someone who lives on the bike!

You can get this new on Amazon for £12.08, or used in good condition from about a fiver!