Meet Andreas, a man fas-ten-ated by technology and sport. He saw the way that the automotive trade has combined numerous digital devices in cars and rolled them into one unit, ad had an idea...

This in-car wizardry was the inspiration behind COBI - a device that collates all of your must-have digital bike gadgets into one. Sound complicated? Think of it as a smart bike light. A really smart bike light.

The COBI cradle sits on your handlebars, and lets you clip in your smart phone, creating a screen for you to glance at while riding. A thumb operated control system, also mounted on the handle bars, allows you to use all of your phones features, from Google Maps to Spotify, and everything in between, all while on the go.

It also has an intuitive lamp at the front that illuminates and dims, depending on the amount of atmospheric light around you. There's a pair of rear light as well, that also signal which direction you are going to turn in. Handy.


Another nice tough is the built in alarm, designed to protect your bike when you lock it up during the day. Thee's also a customisable bell that, we can only presume, can be altered to exclaim "You fucking taxi driving prick!"

COBI is still in development at the moment, and is being touted around on crowd funding website KickStarter, where it has already reached almost double the amount of investment required to go to full production.

If all goes to plan, COBI should hit the shelves around summer 2015. Your chance to beat the queue is here, if you want to help kick start the project.

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