Credit: Stephen Holl

Credit: Stephen Holl

In London we have a new dramatic bridge in the pipeline, but cyclists won't be allowed on it. In the bike nirvana that is Copenhagen, they have an even more jaw-dropping bridge proposition in the pipeline (pictured above) and its prime function is as a bicycle bridge.

As Mikael Colville-Andersen, who runs the urban bike blog Copenhagenize, says:

"In Copenhagen, they're called bicycle bridges, but we assume that there will also be pedestrian access - and there always is. But in the City of Cyclists, our perception is that a bridge ain't functional if it isn't for bicycles."

Credit: Stephen Holl


Running 65 metres above the harbour from one tower to another, the amazing design is by the American architect Stephen Holl. It was originally planned in 2008 but has only just been green lighted now, due to the economic downturn.

Credit: Stephen Holl


What a cool way to ride to work, if only it was glass-bottomed too, like that crazy bridge in China…

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