It was inevitable wasn't it? As soon as route-mapping apps like Nike Plus, Strava or Map My Ride were launched, someone, somewhere was going to cycle a route that looked like a cock and save it...

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 14.11.41

But while there have been a fair few of those (from all over the world, not just from Brighton) there have also been some more innovative attempts at artwork. Here are the best ones we found...*

1) The Giant San Francisco Giants Logo

This dude cycled an enormous logo for his favourite football team on Strava

Strava SF Giants

2) The Massive Turkey

This person took to the same stretch of streets to create a huge turkey. This must've taken ages!

Strava Turkey

3) The World's Biggest Nyancat

This geek (who must work in the tech industry surely?) went for a regular ride before deciding to create the world's biggest Nyan Cat...

Strava Nyan Cat

What do you mean you don't know what Nyancat is? He's got 111 million views on Youtube and 4 million Facebook fans (just don't ask us how or why...)

4) The Giant Space Invader

This person took to Nike Plus to draw a giant space invader

Nike Plus Alien

5) The Giant Fuck You

Whereas this person's Nike Plus route reads more like a message to his rivals...

Nike Plus Dick 3


That may seem puerile, but it's not as puerile as...

6) The Nike Plus Cock

Yes, not even Nike's branded app is immune to the attack of the giant penises

Nike Plus Dick

7) The Massive Mario

This May My Ride user was a bit more creative

Map My Run Mario


8) The Amsterdam Boob Job

Arguably less creative, but more site appropriate perhaps? Wonder what he (cos, let's face it, it must've been a him) had been smoking when he came up with this...


9) The Texas Electric Guitar

This Map My Ride user had a musical bent. This won a competition online for the best run or ride route artwork.

Map My Run Guitar

10) The Huge Runner

Some people get seriously creative with their artwork. In the same competition this won the prize for "most artistic route"

Map My Run Runner

But we reckon whoever judged that contest can't have seen this one..

11) The Turin Shroud

Was this user's iPhone was possessed by the Holy Spirit? It certainly is an uncanny likeness of Jesus' face...


Rumour has it that the Pope is considering sanctifying this segment and declaring the iPhone that made it a holy relic.


12) The Homer Simpson

Not even that holy relic can top this though - once again it's from Brighton


13) The Che Guevara

And what about this effort, from South London?


14) The Marilyn Monroe

This one, apparently from a Nike Plus user in the Peak District National Park is properly crazy. Andy Warhol would be proud...


15) The Mona Lisa

But even that's nothing on this epic effort. The Mona Lisa, apparently by a particularly frantic individual in Paris no less!


*OK, so some of these may be made up. See if you can guess which...?

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